Forager's Black Label Gin (Mountain Strength). 61.8% abv

Forager's Black Label Gin (Mountain Strength). 61.8% abv

Bottled at 61.8% abv, Forager’s Black Label Mountain Strength Gin is about bold flavors, the finest hand-foraged botanicals, and of course the pure mountain waters from the hills of Snowdonia. Beautifully styled, with a beautiful juniper-rich start, a gentle citrus under current and super smooth, buttery mouth feel. The great juniper depth, and natural salinity from the inclusion of Sea Buckthorn give this gin a finely balanced and beautifully long finish.

The idea was to take a super-premium gin to the finest possible point. Spare no expense in it’s development, it’s flavors or styling. Craft something that not only tasted incredible, and made the best drinks, but would be treasured by those who own it. Truly savored and the pinnacle of any gin collection.


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